Online Training for our clinical program

Our highly rated clinical training program is accessible at every point, ensuring that clinicians implement the simple, evidence-based interventions into daily work.

“This is what we went to school for! I’m excited to be more clinical and for this fresh, new, non-shaming approach to patients and adherence problems.”

Online Course

Our highly rated course is available in the Stellicare online classroom.

The course is comprised of text, videos and experiential exercises ensuring that every kind of learner is able to benefit from the course. 


Case Discussion Groups

Optional case discussion and informal case supervision groups are offered weekly to provide guidance and help to clinicians in implementing STI. You can read more about these groups by clicking the link below.

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Continuing Education offered

Stellicare works with STI Innovations to offer ASWB CEUs to clinicians for certain trainings, online courses and case discussion groups.