Track outcomes

Stellicare measures and tracks outcomes including standardized clinical metrics, patient and provider engagement and productivity and effectiveness. All outcomes and engagement can be viewed or downloaded and printed. 


patients can evaluate their progress and engagement

Patients can see how they are progressing and engaging from the patient portal.

They can see how they are doing in terms of any standardized metrics (ex. PHQ-9 for depression) and how much they are completing and engaging with assignments, strategies, sessions and clinical text messages.


Clinicians can monitor clinical outcomes

Clinicians are able to follow their patient progress and adjust session content, time and direction to ensure the best outcomes.

At any point, clinicians can simply press the "reassess" button which will prompt them to re-evaluate patient progressing using the same initial metric. 

Outcomes can be viewed from the dashboard or downloaded in a CSV file which can be be uploaded into the EHR or printed out for quality review meetings.


Administrators can measure effectiveness of program

Users with administrative privileges can monitor the clinical outcomes of the patient as well as the effectiveness and productivity of the clinicians. 

Engagement and outcomes of the patient and clinician are monitored and tracked which can be viewed on the dashboard or downloaded into a CSV file. Patients and clinicians can be compared by clinic and/or region.

To maximize the effectiveness of the program, administrators can enroll high risk patients, ensuring that the most vulnerable patients are assisted.