Patient engagement platform

Patients can access individualized session material and education as well as  communicate with their providers via the online patient portal or by using their smart phone. 


In-person, phone or Telemedicine Sessions

Sessions lasting anywhere from five minutes to an hour are offered to patients live in the medical center, by phone or video telemedicine session from our HIPAA compliant platform. 

Session content is curated by patient complaint, problem or request and is tailored to the patient engagement style. 

During the sessions, patients receive emotional support, specific information on chosen topics and evidence-based strategies on how to manage stress, moods, thoughts and behaivors.

patient portal

Patient can access individualized information, education, resources and assignments on the patient portal. When they begin working with their provider, they simply provide their email which enables them to access the patient portal. 

All of the materials are offered in English or Spanish.


Individualized support and education via sms

Stellicare's HIPAA compliant system enables providers to send highly individualized text messages to the patient after they have left the medical setting and between sessions. These messages are created by the patient during their sessions with their provider and are designed to help the patient remember key insights obtained during the sessions.