Online stress management tools

Virtual group support + connection

Helpful texts

I find what you’re offering and doing to be of tremendous value regardless of therapy....because therapy is only at that specific time. Unless you’re in crisis, your therapist is only available on Friday at 4 pm and that’s it! And life is all the other times...

To get on the phone and web and do this or to be able to say to somebody, “let’s dive into week 3 stuff together because that would really apply”...knowing that we all know what week 3 is or what ‘the story stuff’ is and what that means. It’s a huge frame of reference. I’m so excited. I can’t even...
— Ann, Atlanta, GA

Weekly Lessons, tools and strategies

Participants receive weekly lessons with text, videos, questions and experiments. Each lesson has a theme with specific coping tools and strategies.

Time to complete: 15-20 minutes

Virtual Peer support groups

Participants are assigned to small virtual groups that meet every week to discuss the tools and any individual life issues that they would like support with and feedback from the group. 

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Individualized text support

Patients can receive additional support, guidance, encouragement and feedback via text.